Game Studies Research Group

The Game Studies Research Group investigates critical issues around the consumption and production of digital and analog games. Videogames are the definitive medium of the 21st Century. They are at the centre of some of the biggest social, political, and economic challenges of our time. Today, games are a complex and diverse cultural industry, and their technologies, cultures, and workers influence a vast range of other sectors including education, the military, marketing, and software development. Meanwhile, analog games and play are seeing a resurgence in the growth of fan communities, hobbyist practices, and hybrid entertainment forms. Games can help us think about problems related to the political economy of digital media and raise questions around how people identify and participate in digital society.

This group is interested in topics such as subjectivity and agency in play, videogame development cultures, political economies of datafication and automation, videogame development tools and distribution platforms, intergenerational play, e-sports, immersive technologies (such as VR and AR), play and labour, and critical theory of videogames.

DMRC research program

This group contributes to the research within the following DMRC research program:

Transforming Media Industries

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