Women making an impact in research, with DMRC's Dr. Kim Osman

Join DMRC’s Dr Kim Osman, alongside QUT’s mid-career researchers making an impact to celebrate their achievements at the Women in Research Showcase on 14 May. Hear from Dr Kim Osman about digital inclusion, Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe on behavioural financial decision making, Dr Sheree Hurn about solving clinical problems of debilitating foot pain and falls-related injuries, Dr Adrianne Jenner on building mathematical formulas to model how our immune system works and Dr Flavia Medeiros Savi on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Event details

  • Tuesday 14 May
  • 12pm – 2pm
  • Gardens Theatre Foyer

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Dr Sheree Hurn’s passion is to solve the real-world clinical problems of debilitating foot pain and falls-related injuries. Partnering with a top women’s footwear brand, Sheree uses her expertise in lower limb function and clinical gait analysis for insole design, addressing foot pain and the biomechanical properties of sustainable recycled materials. With an NHMRC Ideas Grant team and international industry partner, Sheree is exploring sensory augmentation in insole design, integrating vibration and texture in smart insoles to reduce the risk of falls and sports injuries.
Dr Adrianne Jenner builds mathematical formulas to model how our immune system works and combats human diseases, including cancer and COVID-19. These formulas provide in silico human representations, enabling the testing of disease treatments in a safe “computerised” setting. Adrianne’s research guides the design of cancer-killing-viruses to inform drug dosage schedules and optimise combinations of cancer treatments. Her models of human disease responses are today being applied to predict patient responsesin multiple sclerosis.
Dr Flavia Medeiros Savi’s research contributes to the design of experimental methods, establishing “A preclinical large-animal model for the assessment of critical-size load-bearing bone defect reconstruction”. Published in the Nature Protocols Journal, Flavia’s research marks a significant contribution to the global scientific community. Her work in a team of researchers successfully implemented a scaffold guided bone tissue engineering SGBTE, the largest world-first patient case, and a landmark achievement. Flavia’s research strives to optimise histological, immunohistochemical and optical imaging experimental methods, and advance regenerative medicine.
Dr Kim Osman is a passionate digital inclusion researcher and advocate for the quarter of Australia’s population unable to access and use digital technologies in the ways they want and need. Kim’s research has enabled organisations and government to develop evidence-based policy and programs through her development of best-practice advice, guides, and toolkits for improving digital inclusion. Using place-based and ethnographic methods, Kim researches how social infrastructure like libraries support people to develop the digital skills and literacy needed to access education opportunities and fully participate economically, socially, and culturally in Australian society.
Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe specialises in behavioural financial decision-making using a multi-method approach combining qualitative in-depth interviews with quantitative techniques like hierarchical clustering of survey data. Central to her work is improving the financial habits of young adults as they navigate the transition into the workforce, along with examining the dynamics of money at-titudes, engagement with finances, and financial literacy.