From capoeira to keynotes: highlights from the DMRC and ADM+S Summer School

Day two of the DMRC and ADM+S Summer School kicked off with a keynote panel by ADM+S directors Prof Julian Thomas and Prof Jean Burgess, alongside Chief Investigator and DMRC director Prof Daniel Angus.

As the day went on we were joined by industry guests and academic experts to deliver a busy program of creative workshops, panels and research seminars from a number of DMRC and ADM+S researchers and industry guests.

Day three started with a Brazillian capoeira masterclass and ended with a keynote presentation from Yoel Roth, another brilliant day at the DMRC and ADM+S 2024 Summer School.

We saw many DMRC and ADM+S researchers presenting across the program, from examining Youtube ranking cultures, ‘responsible’ regulation of AI systems, ethics workshops, digital platform methods, and more.

Photos by Natalie Campbell, ADM+S.