Woodford Panel Sparks Insightful Conversations on Online Political Polarisation

The recent Woodford panel, Political Polarisation with the DMRC, held on Saturday, 30 December at Woodford, provided a platform for a meaningful exploration of the critical issue of online political polarisation. Led by the Digital Media Research Centre’s Laureate Team Dr Sebastian Svegaard and Dr Tariq Choucair, the discussion facilitated in-depth discussions among experts and thought leaders on the extent and dynamics of political polarisation, with a keen focus on its implications for democracy.

The panel featured a comprehensive exploration of an innovative analytical framework developed by the DMRC, evaluating polarisation across six nations, including Australia. Attendees gained insights and understandings of the challenges facing democratic societies in the digital age.

The DMRC Laureate Team Dr Sebastian Svegaard, Dr Tariq Choucair and Dr Katharina Esau will join part of a second panel discussion held tonight, Sunday 31 December from 7:30pm to 8:30pm on the Evergreen stage, led by Sarah Steel, accomplished author and podcaster. This panel Polarisation, Radicalisations, and Cult-like Behaviour, will delve into the multifaceted nature of polarisation, examining its various manifestations and potential impact on radicalisation, and potential threats to democracy.