DMRC Panel at Woodford Folk Festival Addresses Online Climate Change Misinformation in Queensland

The DMRC were again represented at the 2023 Woodford Folk Festival in the recent panel discussion, titled “Denialists, Sceptics, and Contrarians: Sowing Climate Confusion.” This discussion marked a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on online climate change misinformation.

Aligned with the festival’s commitment to facilitating conversations on critical global issues, the event featured a distinguished panel of experts including PhD researchers Carly Lubicz, Caroline Gardam, and Ned Watt who engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the motivations behind disinformation campaigns related to climate change.

The session delved into the intricate landscape of climate change communication, illuminating the challenges posed by denialists, sceptics, and contrarians. Our expert DMRC panellists offered valuable insights into understanding the dynamics of misinformation, empowering attendees to cultivate a more informed and critical perspective on climate-related narratives.

A pivotal focus of the discussion was the call for collaborative efforts in forging a more sustainable future. Panellists emphasised the significance of collective action in dispelling misinformation and promoting accurate information about climate change.