PhD graduate Abdul Aziz recognised for research and secures Lecturer position at Monash Malaysia University

Congratulations to Abdul Aziz, a recent DMRC PhD graduate, for achieving already remarkable milestones in his academic journey. Starting from July this year, Aziz will assume the esteemed position of Lecturer at Monash Malaysia University.

He has also recently been honoured with the prestigious Moses Shumow Transformative Research Award at the ‘Social Justice and Media’ symposium. The award recognizes Aziz’s outstanding article titled “Rohingya diaspora online: Mapping the spaces of visibility, resistance and transnational identity on social media,” published in the esteemed journal New Media & Society.

Aziz’s innovative research sheds light on the online presence and experiences of the Rohingya diaspora, exploring their visibility, resistance, and formation of transnational identities through social media platforms. His article exemplifies rigorous academic inquiry and provides valuable insights into the intersection of social justice and media.

The Moses Shumow Transformative Research Award serves as a testament to Aziz’s exceptional scholarship and his commitment to addressing pressing societal issues through comprehensive research. Read more here.