DMRC Dean's Commendations for Research

Congratulations to DMRC’s Dr Godwin Simon and Dr Samantha Kies-Ryan for being awarded the CIESJ Dean’s Commendation for Research. This prestigious award is a testament to the dedication and hard work that both researchers have put into their respective fields.

Dr Godwin Simon, from the School of Communication, with the support of his supervisory team Prof. Kevin Sanson, Dr Tess Van Hemert and Dr David Richard has received this commendation for his outstanding research work on the implications of digital distribution for the Nigerian video industry. His thesis, titled “Digital Nollywood,” sheds light on the ways in which digital technologies are transforming the way that Nollywood movies are produced, distributed, and consumed.

Similarly, Dr Samantha Kiss-Ryan, from the School of Design, with the support of her supervisory team Adj Assoc Prof Verena Thomas and Dr Christina Spurgeon, has been awarded the Dean’s Commendation for her research on using creative visual methods to facilitate community cultural engagement in water management in the Solomon Islands. Her thesis, titled “Water is Life,” demonstrates the power of visual storytelling to engage communities and foster meaningful dialogue around important environmental issues.

The DMRC are thrilled to see such outstanding research being conducted within the Centre, and we are proud to be able to recognise the hard work and achievements of our students and supervisory teams. With only six Dean’s Commendations awarded across the faculty, this is truly an exceptional achievement.