DMRC Researchers awarded an ARC Discovery Project Grant

Congratulating Dr Brendan Keogh, Associate Professor Dan Golding, Dr Benjamin Nicoll, Associate Professor John Banks and Dr Helen Stuckey who have been awarded a $177,638 ARC Discovery Project Grant for the first round of 2023. This project focusses on the game industry, being the largest cultural industry in the world. Its economic growth relies in part on the artistic innovations of non-commercial developers and communities operating beyond the industry’s purview. Policymakers and researchers alike struggle to account for the cultural contexts and creative origins of game development. This project conceptualises and empirically investigates ‘artist-gamemaking’ to generate new knowledge on the ambitions, techniques and histories of Australia’s game industry. It develops resources that will enable cultural institutions to better support them. This research is important as it articulates the cultural and economic value of a vital site of creative practice in contemporary Australia.