DMRC October Research Skills Workshop: Digital forensics approaches to researching disinformation on social media

Digital forensics approaches to researching disinformation on social media

with Dr Timothy Graham, Sam Hames and Betsy Alpert.      

DATE:               Tuesday 26 October 2021

TIME:               12.30 – 2.30pm

LOCATION:     Level 5, X Block, KG


In this workshop, Tim Graham, Sam Hames and Betsy Alpert will  provide an introduction to mixed methods ‘digital forensics’ style approaches to studying disinformation and coordinated inauthentic behaviour on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

You will learn practical techniques, tools, and tricks for: collecting social media data; differentiating organic activity from content produced by suspected information operations; qualitatively assessing the authenticity of individual accounts; quantitatively mapping networks of coordinated behaviour and isolating clusters of highly suspicious activity within them; and engaging with conceptual challenges about what even constitutes false information and platform manipulation.

The workshop is semi-structured and offered as a collaborative learning space, and participants are highly encouraged to bring their own interests, perspectives, methods, and questions to share.

Participants are encouraged to apply for Twitter API Developer access, so they can collect Twitter data as part of the workshop. Instructions for the Twitter API are available here:

The workshop also includes a small amount of Python coding, but no prior experience is necessary. Instructions for installing software will be provided shortly to participants.

Hope to see you there!