DMRC Research Skills Workshop: Introducing DMRC's JupyterHub.

DATE:  Tuesday 20 July 2021, 12.30 – 2.30pm

LOCATION:  Level 5, X Block, KG or via Zoom


Introducing DMRC’s JupyterHub -a platform for learning how to code with Python and R with Professor Patrik Wikstrom.

Coding is a useful skill for most researchers at any level. It allows you to address questions that otherwise would be beyond your reach; it enables creative ways to explore and present your data; and it simply lets you automate tedious tasks so that you can focus on the work that matters.

Some of the biggest obstacles when learning how to code are often quite practical: How to set up your laptop; who to ask when you have questions; how to start using your new skills in your own research work, etc. This workshop introduces JupyterHub – a web-based platform that reduces some of those obstacles. JupyterHub is set up for DMRC investigators, fellows and students and allows you to experiment with programming languages such as Python or R. At this workshop you will learn how to use JupyterHub, connect with the Python developer community, and how to start using these tools effectively in your own work, without being held back by technical computer issues.

I encourage everyone to attend this workshop, even if you think coding is nothing for you (perhaps it is?). You do not need any prerequisite skills for this workshop and while the workshop is interactive, you can choose to just listen in if that’s your preference.

However, if you want to take part in the activities, you need to be added to the list of DMRC JupyterHub users. Some of you (all HDR students) have already been added to this list, but if you haven’t, please let Caroline Keating ( know, and we’ll set it up. Note that I won’t be able to give you access at the workshop, so please tell us sooner rather than later.