BOOK RELEASE: Australian Genre Film

Australian Genre Film

Edited by Kelly McWilliam and Mark David Ryan

Australian Genre Film interrogates key genres at the core of Australia’s so-called new golden age of genre cinema, establishing the foundation on which more sustained research on film genre in Australian cinema can develop.

The book examines what characterises Australian cinema and its output in this new golden age, as contributors ask to what extent Australian genre film draws on widely understood (and largely Hollywood-based) conventions, as compared to culturally specific conventions of genre storytelling. As such, this book offers a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of Australian genre film, undertaken through original analyses of 13 significant Australian genres: action, biopics, comedy, crime, horror, musical, road movie, romance, science fiction, teen, thriller, war, and the Western.

This book will be a cornerstone work for the burgeoning field of Australian film genre studies and a must-read for academics; researchers; undergraduate students; postgraduate students; and general readers interested in film studies, media studies, cultural studies, Australian studies, and sociology.

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Table of Contents

  1. Australian Film Genre Studies

Mark David Ryan and Kelly McWilliam

  1. The Action Genre and the ‘International Turn’ in Australian Cinema

Amanda Howell

  1. ‘Beethoven had his Critics, too…’: The Australian Biopic in the Twenty-First Century

Adrian Danks

  1. A Seamless Wedding: Comedy, Diversity, and the International

Lesley Speed

  1. New Australian Crime Drama

Greg Dolgopolov

  1. A Monstrous Landscape Filled with Killer Animals and Madmen: Tropes of Contemporary Australian Horror Movies

Mark David Ryan

  1. The Musical in Australia: Moving Minorities into the Mainstream

Liz Giuffre

  1. Traversing Genre: The Australian Road Movie

Deborah Thomas

  1. Courting the Romance

Kelly McWilliam

  1. Looking to the Future: Three Tendencies in Australian Science Fiction Cinema since 2008

Andrew James Couzens

  1. ‘Growing Up Was Never Easy’: Coming of Age in the Teen Film

Kelly McWilliam

  1. Sun-lit Noir: Australian Thrillers

Jonathan Rayner

  1. A Wider Angle: Australia’s War Films of the New Millenia

Daniel Reynaud

  1. Questioning the Australian Western

Grayson Cooke