DMRC Monthly Methods Workshop: Industry Methods Workshop with Amanda Lotz and Kevin Sanson

Industry Methods Workshop with Amanda Lotz and Kevin Sanson

(In person event)

Due to room capacity limits, it is essential that you register to attend this event via Eventbrite.

Please note there is limited availability.

At this workshop we will discuss scoping research questions related to studying media industries, connecting them debates/conversations in the field, and connecting those questions with methods discussed in the chapter such as archive research, discourse analysis, interviews, and ethnography.

We recommend the first three chapters of Jane Stokes, How to Do Media and Cultural Studies (second edition), but we’ll focus on Chapter 4 (attached here): Researching Industries: Studying the Institutions and Producers of Media and Culture. We’ve also included some reading (Booth, Colomb, and Williams, The Craft of Research, pp35-63) on developing research topics into questions and questions into problems. We probably won’t discuss this directly, but it is very helpful.

In preparation, please think about a research topic that interests you and develop an industry studies research question for studying that topic. Also identify how you could use each of the methods to be discussed to develop evidence.