METHODS WORKSHOP: Advanced Twitter Analytics Using TCAT and Tableau with Axel Bruns

Date:   07 April

Location: Noosa Room, X Block

Advanced Twitter Analytics Using TCAT and Tableau

Particularly when working with large social media datasets, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches that draw especially on visual representations of ‘big data’ are now an indispensable part of the scholarly research and publication process. This data analytics and visualisation module focuses on a number of emerging standard tools and methods for large-scale data analytics, using Twitter data to illustrate these approaches. The module introduces participants to the open-source Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolkit (TCAT) as a capable and reliable tool for data gathering from the Twitter API, and to the high-end data analytics software Tableau as a powerful means of processing and visualising large datasets. The skills gained in the module are also transferrable to working with other large datasets from social media and other sources.

Presenter: Professor Axel Bruns – Program Leader, Digital Publics