DMRC researchers have been awarded ARC Discovery Project funding, with two projects


We are pleased to announce that DMRC researchers have been awarded ARC Discovery Project funding, with two projects.

Evaluating the Challenge of ‘Fake News’ and Other Malinformation.

Encompassed by the disputed term ‘fake news’, overtly or covertly biased, skewed, or falsified reports claiming to present factual information present a critical challenge to the effective dissemination of news and information across society. This project conducts a systematic, large-scale, mixed-methods analysis of empirical evidence on the dissemination of, engagement with, and impact of ‘fake news’ and other malinformation in public debate, in Australia and beyond. It takes a triangulated approach, combining computational big data analytics with deep forensic analysis, to reveal the complex ‘fake news’ ecosystem, replace ‘fake news’ with more precise terminology, and provide recommendations for policy responses based on robust evidence.


Professor Axel Bruns; Associate Professor Stephen Harrington; Associate Professor Scott Wright; Associate Professor Daniel Angus; Associate Professor Jennifer Stromer-Galley; Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen


Using machine vision to explore Instagram’s everyday promotional cultures.

The advertising-driven business models of social media platforms increasingly depend on automation. The technologies used by platforms are rapidly advancing, and include ‘machine vision’ systems that automatically classify faces, expressions, objects, and brand logos in images. The results are used to provide targeted content to users, often without their knowledge and without sufficient public oversight. Using a novel combination of computational and cultural research methods, this project aims to: examine how machine vision works in platforms like Instagram; explore its role in everyday visual contexts through qualitative case studies of festivals, food, and lifestyle sports; and improve public understanding of machine vision systems.


Associate Professor Daniel Angus; Professor Jean Burgess; Dr Nicholas Carah


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