Visiting Scholar Presentations: Dr Tobias Keller and Assoc Prof Arnt Maasø


Friday 15 November, 1.00 – 2.30PM

KG X Block (88 Musk Ave) – The Noosa Room (Level 5)

Political Social Bots: How to Detect and Evaluate them on Twitter

Social bots are computer programs that (semi-)automatically tweet, like, retweet, or reply to other content on Twitter. Some of them enter political discourses, sometimes even disguised as humans. They have the potential to influence the popularity of (political) actors, their statements and possibly public opinion in general. However, social bot research is still in its infancy and has to overcome several challenges to assess the prevalence, activity, and influence of social bots on political discussions on Twitter. I thus focus on two questions: how to detect them and evaluate their impact on political discussions?

Dr Tobias Keller is a SNSF visiting postdoc at the DMRC at QUT. He studies political communication on social media platforms with a focus on social bots in election campaigns.


How the revenue share model of music streaming services incentivizes fraud

One of the major areas of conflict in the streaming era has been artist payment and revenue share models. The paper discusses recent scandals and shows how the revenue distribution in DSPs has been exploited to benefit some artists over the rest. An alternative user-centric model (Maasø, 2014) is also presented, a model streaming service Deezer just announced it is piloting in 2020. The paper argues for the need of transparency and accountability in the streaming business, and the need to build and manage trust for the model to be sustainable.

Assoc Prof Arnt Maasø is Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo. He is a Visiting Fellow at DMRC. Arnt is currently involved in two research projects studying contemporary media and music: Music on demand: Economy and copyright in a digitised cultural sector (MUSEC) and Streaming the culture industries (STREAM), following up his related project Clouds and Concerts: Mediation and Mobility in Contemporary Music Culture (2011 to 2016).