Are Facebook, Google, and Amazon the Future of Media? – public lecture recording now available

Amanda Lotz public lecture.

On Thursday 4 April, the DMRC’s new Capacity Building Professor, Amanda Lotz, presented a public lecture entitled Are Facebook, Google, and Amazon the Future of Media?

The lines between ‘tech’ and media industries have grown blurry and we are increasingly uncertain about their role in everyday life. Fifty-two percent of Australians describe social media as their main source of news—yet these companies don’t employ journalists. Others worry about the future of local public service media in an era of global services such as Netflix. This talk explores the relationship of companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon to the media industries, how these companies and internet communication provide challenges and opportunities to media, and what this means for the news and entertainment we consume.

Click on the image below to listen to/watch the slides from the lecture.