New Staff at the QUT School of Communication/DMRC

Picture of Amanda Lotz

The School of Communication/DMRC welcome new staff appointments in 2019.

Amanda Lotz – Capacity Building Professor. Amanda is currently a professor in the Departments of Communication Studies and Screen Arts and Cultures at the University of Michigan. She earned a Ph.D. in Radio-Television-Film and certificate in women’s studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000, and completed a two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Television Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research focuses on U.S. television, specifically the industrial shifts since the end of the network era and on representations of gender on television and in the media. Find out more about Amanda here.

Timothy Graham – Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Communication. Tim is currently Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology and Computer Science at the Australian National University. His research combines computational methods with social theory to study online networks and platforms, with a particular interest in content production, ratings and rankings devices, and political bots. He is a Chief Investigator of an ARC Discovery Project that utilises large-scale hyperlink network analysis and web experiments to comparatively assess the web presence of 10 countries. He develops open source software tools for big data analysis, and has published in journals such as Information, Communication & Society, Information Polity, Big Data & Society, and Critical Social Policy.

 Jenny Zhengye Hou – Senior Lecturer in Professional Communication. Jenny was awarded a PhD in Strategic Public Relations from University of Queensland. Her research interests include strategic communication and institutional sociology, fake news in the digital age, and the interrelationship between public relations and journalism. Her work has been published in Public Relations Review, Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, Journal of Business & Technical Communication, Communication Research and Practice, and PRism. Prior to joining QUT, Jenny has taught in universities in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong and China. In 2017, Jenny was awarded Public Relations Educator Fellowship by the prestigious Plank Centre for Leadership in Public Relations.

Benjamin Nicoll – Lecturer in Digital Media and Communication. Ben is a Research Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. He is Secretary of the Digital Games Research Association of Australia. His research focuses on the history and critical theory of videogames and videogame platforms, with a particular focus on notions of technological failure and marginality in game history. He is currently working on a research project that examines the use of ‘game engines’ in Australian videogame and software development industries, through a grant from the Networked Society Institute.

Aljosha Karim Schapals – Lecturer in Journalism. Aljosha has a PhD in Journalism from City, University of London, and is currently a Research Associate and a Lecturer in our School. In his role as Research Associate he is working in the ARC Discovery Project “Journalism beyond the crisis” and in his role as Lecturer he is coordinating the subject on Political Communication. Aljosha’s research interests lie in the changes taking place in news production and consumption as a result of the internet, with a particular focus on citizen journalism, politics and social media. As part of that research agenda he is the lead editor of an edited collection on “Digitizing Democracy” to be published with Routledge in early 2019.

Tess van Hemert – Lecturer in Media and Entertainment Industries. Tess is a Lecturer in Media and Entertainment Industries in our School. Her current areas of research include global screen distribution and exhibition, and gender equality and diversity in the screen industry, with a particular focus on international film festivals and emerging women’s cinema. Tess’ PhD (QUT) was the first international study to investigate the role that international film festivals play in supporting and advancing the profiles of emerging women filmmakers.

Dan Angus – Associate Professor in Digital Communication. Dan is currently Senior Lecturer in computational social science, journalism program coordinator, and leader of the Communication Analytics Lab in the School of Communication and Arts and UQ. Dan’s research is focused on the development of visualization and analysis methods for communication data. His computational methods have improved our understanding of the nature of communication in medical consultations, conversations in aged care settings, television broadcast, social media, and newspaper reporting. Dan has been involved in computer science research for 15 years and contributes regularly to media and industry on the impact of technology on society.