2018 Calendar of Events

The University of Amsterdam’s Mark Deuze speaking at the DMRC’s ‘At Home with Digital Media’ symposium, November 2017.

Feb. 5-9  

DMRC Summer School


Feb. 7  

At Work with Digital Media – Brisbane Powerhouse. 6-8pm. Tickets via Eventbrite.


Feb. 16  

Visitor seminar: The role of cultural festivals in regional economic development: A case study of Mahika Mahikeng. James Drummond and Fiona Drummond, Rhodes University. Kelvin Grove, 1.00 – 2.30pm. Room KG Z9 607. 


April 3  

DMRC Methods 1 – The App Walkthrough – Jean Burgess. Kelvin Grove 1-3pm.


April 13 DMRC Fridays Seminar Series – April 13. Gardens Point Campus. 1-3 pm. S310.

Who Else Makes Videogames Here? Considering Informal Videogame Development Practices in Australia – Dr. Brendan Keogh.

Public profiles of political staffers: Detracting the message and distracting democracy – Ella Chorazy (DMRC research student).

Fake News: Australian and British journalists’ role perceptions in an era of ‘alternative facts’ – Dr Aljosha Karim Schapals.

Pro-am Australian YouTube Creators; leaving the ‘funny cat video’ stereotype behind – Guy Healy (DMRC research student). 

May 1  

DMRC Methods 2 –Social media analytics 1: Accessing and analysing Twitter data – Axel Bruns.. Kelvin Grove 1-4pm. 


 June 5  

DMRC Methods 3  – Social Media Analytics 2: Accessing and analysing Facebook Public Pages – Brenda Moon  Kelvin Grove 1-4pm.


 June 22  

DMRC Fridays Research Event 2. Kelvin Grove. 1-3 pm.


 July 3  

DMRC Methods 4 -Network visualisation using Gephi – Axel Bruns. Kelvin Grove 1-4pm.


July 6  

Visitor Seminar: The Economics of Music Streaming – who benefits? Peter Tschmuck, Professor of Cultural Institutions Studies, Department of Cultural Management and and Gender Studies (IKM), University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. 1-2pm, Venue TBC.


 Aug. 7  

DMRC Methods 5 – Multiplatform issue mapping – Jean Burgess. Kelvin Grove 1-3pm.


 Sept. 4  

DMRC Methods 6 – Digital methods, digital ethics – Peta Mitchell and Elija Cassidy. Kelvin Grove 1-3pm.


 Sept. 28  

DMRC Fridays Research Event 3. Kelvin Grove. 1-3pm.


 Nov. 6  

Digital Methods 7 –  Ethnographic methods 1: Designing semi-structured interviews and focus groups for digital media research – Michael Dezuanni. Kelvin Grove. 1-3pm.


 Nov 23.  

DMRC Fridays Research Event 4. Kelvin Grove. 1-3pm.



Digital Methods 8 – Ethnographic methods 2: In-situ, observational, and go-along methods – Peta Mitchell. Kelvin Grove. 1-3pm.