Digital Self-care in Everyday Life

Project dates: 01/07/2022 - Ongoing

The aim of this project is to better understand self-care practices with digital technologies amongst young adults and to explore opportunities for digital technology design.

Self-care is a process of purposeful engagement in practices that promote holistic health and well-being of the self. Holistic health implies overall health and this encompasses more than just physical health but also includes mental, emotional and even spiritual health of a person. For some people, cooking can be a form of self-care to eat healthily and to get a break from work. In this project we are particularly interested in the intersection of digital technologies and self-care, or what we call ‘digital self-care: purposeful engagement with digital technologies that promotes holistic health and well-being of the self. This could take many forms, like listening to music streaming or podcasts to relax or to work out.

This is a collaborative project in partnership with IT students, Berni Cooper and Nicole Border from the QUT Student Services and Wellbeing team, and A/Prof Tuck Wah Leong at UTS.

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

  • Saminda Sundeepa Balasuriya - PhD Student
  • Trinh Dinh - IT Student
  • Rowen Fernandopulle - IT Student
  • Simon Hanmer - IT Student
  • Gabriel Largo - IT Student
  • Corey McCormick - IT Student
  • Serene Mishteler - IT Student
  • Freya Sambain - IT Student
  • Samuel Telford - IT Student
  • Jamie Yates - IT Student

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