The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a digital wellbeing dilemma. On the one hand, digital technologies are essential for social connection, work, learning, creativity, entertainment, etc. At the same time, digital technologies are the source of many wellbeing challenges, ranging from distracting notifications to misinformation, to gaming addiction. We aim to address this dilemma by investigating how people balance technologies in their lives, and how we can design new technologies that help them to reach their full potential.

Our lab brings together academic staff, researchers and students in the areas of human-computer interaction, with a particular strength in co-designing with people and their communities, designing with emerging technologies such as robots and IoT (Internet of Things), and conducting ethnographic research into digital lifestyles.


Co-Designing with People and their Communities

We all work closely with community groups and partner organisations to better understand the intersection between digital technologies and wellbeing. We have unique expertise in co-design which positions people as experts of their own experience and draw upon this experience to design and develop technology with people at the centre.

Designing with Emerging Technologies to Promote Wellbeing

We design with a range of emerging technologies, including robots, IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. In our lab we explore how we can use these emerging technologies to promote social connection and healthy lifestyles.

Ethnographic Research into Digital Lifestyles

Our lab conducts in-depth study through observations and interviews to understand how people balance current and emerging digital technologies in their life and how it might impact their wellbeing.

Past Projects