Our lab is part of the Faculty of Science at QUT. It brings together academic staff and postdoctoral research fellows in the areas of human-computer interaction, co-design, inclusive technology, virtual and augmented reality, digital games and interaction design.

We collaborate closely with researchers in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child and in the Centre for Data Science. We all work closely with community groups and partner organisations to better understand the intersection between digital technologies and wellbeing.


Research Students

  • Shannon Rodgers

    Areas of interest: connecting with nature for the wellbeing of human and nonhuman life, co-design with gardeners and nonhuman stakeholders, social and environmental sustainability

  • Jessica Formosa

    Areas of interest: motivations for videogame play, the impact of videogames on wellbeing, videogame play during difficult times, esports research

  • Jessica Bowler

    Areas of interest: videogames and wellbeing, the impact of passion and need satisfaction on videogame play, how both problematic and healthy relationships with videogames develop in young people, facilitating and promoting healthy engagement with digital technologies

  • Dominic Afuro Egbe

    Areas of interest: co-design with people living with dementia, relational technology

External Collaborators