This e-learning module is designed to help early childhood educators understand and use relational information literacy (RIL) processes to support young children’s learning as they engage in digital play.


An Introduction to Digital Play


This online project has been designed by the Queensland University of Technology and sponsored by the Queensland Government.


The research was funded by the Queensland Government Education Horizon grant scheme and led by researchers at Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland in collaboration with Rose Rainbow Kindergarten.

We would like to thank the children and teachers at eKindy Qld, Rose Rainbow Kindergarten and Red Hill Kindergarten. We are grateful for their time and commitment to this project.

We are grateful to Harvard Education Press and Authors Reznitskaya & Wilkinson for providing permission to use elements of their publication; Source: Overview of Four ART Criteria and Eleven Practices, Appendix B, in Reznitskaya, A., Wilkinson, I. A. G.(2017). The Most Reasonable Answer Helping Students Build Better Arguments Together, page 196. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Adapted with permission.