Office Hours recap 24/05/2022

We had lots to talk about this afternoon!

  1. Catchup with new ATAP staff
  2. Debugging openNLP package installation in R
  3. An attendee from last week’s Network Analysis and Topic Modelling workshop showed us how she is applying topic modelling to her own research data! We discussed using topic models in conjunction with manual coding and different methods for dealing with the fact that tweets are quite short, which doesn’t work well with topic modelling.
  4. The same researcher had found a new topic of interest while coding her tweets – we talked about constructing a new twarc search, using twarc counts and Twitter’s API tools query builder to estimate volumes and develop targeted searches for a new data collection
  5. Australasian Language Technology Association has a workshop upcoming, they’re looking for a data science/language task that students can compete to solve
  6. Discussed the benefits of notebooks, RMarkdown, or scripts for use in teaching technical workshops, or other workflows using things such as learnR or targets

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