Office Hours Recap 3

Thanks to everyone who attended today!

Topics of discussion included:

  • The complexities of parsing language data from tweets, including platform affordances like #hashtags and @mentions, and also emoji 😺
  • Pitfalls of importing data into Excel
  • How to make meaningful entity level identifiers for projects where data should be readily accessible to humans
  • Tangled tree visualisations as a way of visualising things that are conceptualised as trees but contain more complex structures, for example
  • ATAP and DO’s first joint training workshop to be tested later this year, and plans for 2022
  • The importance of starting projects off simply, and progressively adding complexity as needed.

Projects and tools mentioned today:

  • Virtual Songlines by Bilbie Labs:
  • D3, a Javascript library for building custom browser based visualisations:

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