Our Interests: Development, Implementation and Transformation of Digital Innovation

We are excited in the study of Digital Innovation – the development and implementation of new solutions (from the perspective of the implementer and/or beneficiary) where either the implementation process, its outcomes or the ensuing organizational transformation are embodied in or enabled by digital technologies.

We are currently entering the fourth industrial revolution in which advances in digital technologies fundamentally change how business and society work. Digital technologies provide both opportunities and challenges and thus, it is of contemporary importance to understand their impact on individuals, organizations, industries, nations, and society at large. Examples such as as the emergence of 3D printing, social media, and wearable technologies already show us how the boundaries between the physical and digital world, between work and private life and between individuals ad organizations are increasingly blurred. Hence, it is important to understand the opportunities and challenges that these digital technologies provide to individuals, organizations, industries, nations, and society at large.Our interest is to understand, explain and predict these changes, impacts and opportunities.

Who We Work With: Industry and Academia

We are firm believers in engaged research: research that is situated in the real-world, solving real problems of real organizations and people. Through out research, we seek to leverage academic knowledge to solve real-world problems and vice versa, make contributions to academic knowledge based on the reality of problems and solutions.

We work with any organization—from small start-ups to large multinational enterprises—that seeks to leverage digital technologies for innovation purposes and to stay ahead of the competition.

Because digital technology and innovation is embedded in complex ecosystems, represented by interactions of various actors such as customers and suppliers, other organizations, industries, and many more, we cooperate and collaborate with academic colleagues that specialize in relevant areas, be it enterpreneurship, information technology, organizational science, process management or applied psychology.

What Our Focus Areas Are: Technology, Innovation, and Transformation

Our research foci include technologies that enable innovative digital hardware start-ups, organizational transformations that are driven by digital sustainability innovations, the change of organizational processes through digital technology, and the use of digital platforms for innovation. Most of these projects investigate digital innovation in the real-world contexts of our industry partners.

Evidence of our impact and relevance include publications in leading internationally journals, funding secured from both federal grants and industry, our presence in practitioner forums and our collaborations with leading experts.

First, we have published our research in a large number of internationally leading academic and practitioner journals in both management and technology disciplines, including for example MIS Quarterly, Academy of Management Discoveries and Journal of Retail and Consumer Services.

Second, we continuously secure research funding from sources such as the ARC, IFE, Woolworths, Australia Post, SAP and others. Our funding to date exceeds AUD $ 2 mio.

Third, we have a global network of collaborations with leading experts from America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.