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Posts for January 2017

Journal Paper Accepted for Publication in MIS Quarterly

Our review of Wand and Weber’s influential Representation Theory has been accepted for publication in the MIS Quarterly. The paper reports on the pursuit of theoretical success and failure through research programs: Burton-Jones, A., Recker, J., Indulska, M., Green, P., Weber, R. (forthcoming): Assessing Representation Theory with a Framework for Pursuing Success and Failure. Management…

Journal Paper on Electric Carsharing Accepted

Our study on critical success factors of carsharing and electric carsharing has been accepted for publication. The paper reports on findings from expert interviews with carsharing providers, automotive manufacturers, and scholars from Germany, Austria, and France: Degirmenci, K., Lapin, S., Breitner, M. H. (forthcoming): Critical success factors of carsharing and electric carsharing: findings from expert interviews in…

Journal Paper on Electric Vehicles Accepted

Our study on consumer purchase intentions for electric vehicles has been accepted for publication. The paper reports on the role of environmental performance compared to price value and range confidence: Degirmenci, K., Breitner, M. H. (forthcoming): Consumer purchase intentions for electric vehicles: Is green more important than price and range? Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment,…

Two Journal Papers Published in IT Professional

The following two papers have been published in the latest issue of IT Professional: Patroni, J., von Briel, F., Recker, J. (2016): How Enterprise Social Media Can Facilitate Innovation. IT Professional, 18(6), pp. 34-41. ( Mirkovski, K., von Briel, F., Lowry, P.B. (2016): Semantic Learning-Based Innovation Framework for Social Media. IT Professional, 18(6), pp. 26-32….