Design Education

The Design Education Service Program will provide innovative services centred around understanding and implementing the value of design-led cultural change in education. Our experts provide opportunities for design education across all levels (such as school-based as well as continuing professional education) in a customised, effective, and flexible manner.

In particular, there are three key areas of service:

  • Professional development for teachers, providing current design thinking theory and practice, as well as opportunities to connect with the university community.
  • Design thinking services for classroom implementation, allowing transdisciplinary education services in conjunction with experts from the QUT Faculties of Business, Science and Engineering, and Education.
  • Design thinking consultancy services that provide engagement opportunities for all levels of educators, such as: short courses, master classes, seminars, workshops, and so on.

Incorporating the expertise and experience of the lectures and researchers of the Design Lab, these services can be customisable to suit the needs of the client. For further consultation and discussion, please contact Dr Cori Stewart [] and [+617 3138 2760].

Research Team