Yi-Hsin (Mimi) Tsai

    Mimi Tsai is a PhD candidate in the School of Design. She is a Registered Landscape Architect and practiced in Australia and Taiwan prior to joining academia. She is a sessional academic and teacher in digital storytelling and environmental design. Her specialties include co-created media digital storytelling, place-based storytelling, landscape design, environmental psychology and user experience design.


    Applying Participatory Media as a Way to understand People-Environment Relationships in Australian Aged Care Settings    

    Understanding of People-Environment relationship is one of the key aspects of future improvement in landscape architectural research. Designers would like to  explore user’s experience in order to make sensible design decisions. This paper reports on an environmental gerontology research project which has sought  to understand aged care residents  user experiences of their  outdoor landscape designed environment. Using  Digital Storytelling as  a technique  to engage users, this research was able to draw out the residents’ lived experience of the gardens provided within their aged care facilities. This approach was  adopted  to empower users, especially senior users, to voice their opinions.  Fieldwork was conducted over two years across two different aged care facilities in Brisbane. The purpose of this research is twofold: to develop a more comprehensive understanding of individual user experiences  by investigating the factors  that contribute to user engagement; and to explore the role of participatory media  in understanding user experience within a landscape design context.