Walter Fieuw

    Walter Fieuw is a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at the Queensland University of Technology School of Design. He holds Masters degrees in MPhil Sustainable Development Management (Stellenbosch University, 2011) and MSc City Planning and Real Estate Development (University of Glasgow, 2016). Walter is a registered professional planner with the South African Council for Professional Planners (SACPLAN) and a candidate with the Royal Town Planning Institute. He has served as an advisory group member to EcoDistricts since 2018. Walter is the founder of the urban planning consultancy Making of Cities ( and has 12 years of work experience across diverse sectors including property, media, transport, urban planning/ regeneration, and human settlements.

    Research Areas

    • Sustainability development and urban growth
    • Residential informality in cities of the Global South
    • More-than-human urbanism and urban theory
    • Development facilitation and communication

    PhD Research
    This doctoral study is guided by the need to engage the possibilities of a more-than-human approach to urbanism in order to achieve sustainability in a post-Anthropocene world marked by complexity and uncertainty. By drawing on advancements in sustainability assessment criteria and performance rating instruments at the neighbourhood scale, the research will advance new approaches to planning for and with natural systems to improve climate resilience in cities. The reseacher is overseen by Prof. Marcus Foth and Dr. Glenda Caldwell.