Tobias Kramer

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Areas of interest: Thermal comfort, climate design, computational building simulation, machine learning

M. Sc. Energy Design

Tobias is passionately curious. Curious about our future, the way we will live, and the advances we hopefully make. Curious about the consequences of the changing climate, the rapid urbanization, and the ongoing digital transformation for future buildings and their indoor spaces.

Thesis Title : Impact assessment of climate change on indoor thermal comfort in urban low-energy buildings

Energy-efficiency of buildings is expected to be a key element of future sustainable cities. Low-energy buildings, featuring less active conditioning systems, are becoming an attractive solution towards increased sustainability in the built environment. However, due to climate change and more frequent extreme weather events, it is necessary to prepare for higher temperatures and heatwaves. Buildings may actually need more active systems with increased capacities to fulfil required indoor conditions. In doing so, thermal comfort can be a decisive setscrew. The challenge will be to consider climate alterations induced by global warming in the building design process, leading to a more foresighted and resilient design of future indoor spaces and enhance thermal comfort. The intended research project will aim to investigate that context and is going to supply a new framework for indoor thermal comfort prediction in future buildings. The work will hopefully encourage further improvement of the building design process by considering thermal comfort as a main factor contributing to sustainable, liveable and resilient future indoor spaces.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Veronica Garcia Hansen
Associate Supervisors: Dr Sara Omrani, Dr Vahid Nik (Lund University), Dr Dong Chen (CSIRO)

Estimated Completion Date: July 2022