Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis

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PhD (Griffith University)

Background Tiziana has taught for several years in Film and Cultural studies, before returning to fashion, an area in which she forged a professional career for more than a decade in Italy. Between 1977 and 1991 she worked in Milan across many fields of the creative industries, from advertising, production co-ordinator on the Italian edition of ‘Vogue’ and as a freelance writer. Her PhD – a study on recent Italian cinema that blends history with the industry, was completed at Griffith University. She has published in several journals on a range of topics that include memory and history in cultural representations, as well as fashion and national identity, and activewear. From her visits to communities of women workers in the textile and clothing industry in India in the middle of the 1980s, she has developed an interest in globalisation and sustainability. Her current research¬† include theoretical studies on the role of the fashion designer, alternative ways to engage with fashion and consumption, , Australian fashion, fashion and digital media, fashion and film.

Additional information

Tiziana has worked for more than a decade in an international fashion magazine, advertising and music industry in Milan, covering many aspects of the creative industries from a professional viewpoint. Her scholarly knowledge and professional expertise is translated in her teaching across many aspects of fashion communication. Tiziana is an editorial member of two Intellect publications, Clothing Cultures and Studies in Costume and Performance.  Tiziana is the Fashion representative for IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes).