Tess Brading

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Areas of Interest: Virtual Reality, immersive storytelling, design for health, place and memory, practice led research.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drama

Having completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Drama, Tess is currently undertaking an MPhil as a recipient of the RTP Stipend. She is a sessional academic, screen writer for screen, stage, and XR. Tess has extensive experience in facilitating youth arts programs, co-design, creative consultation, film and documentary production, immersive design, immersive storytelling.

Tess’s background is in Theatre and traditional filmmaking, which eventually led her to immersive filmmaking and VR. She is currently undertaking practice-led research into co-design of VR environments in a pediatric health context. She plans to pursue a PhD and is passionate about both research and creative practice.

Thesis title: The Library of Happy Places: Personalised Virtual Environments

The Library of Happy Places is a practice-led research project exploring the process of designing personalised virtual environments for children experiencing long-term hospitalisation. The ‘Library’ will be a database of personalised virtual environments, or ‘Happy Places,’ created through participatory design methodologies with pediatric patients. This research looks towards the creation of a usable, replicable and scalable framework through which creative practitioners can approach the design ofqut personalised virtual environments.

Principal supervisor: Dr Jen Seevinck
Associate supervisor: Dr Susan Cake

Estimated completion date: August, 2022