Pekeri Ruska

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    General Manager, North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal and Islanders Housing Co-operative

    Pekeri Ruska is a Goenpul woman from North Stradbroke Island, Queensland. She has an inherent passion for social justice matters and at the core of her work is a commitment to improving the lives of Aboriginal people.

    Whilst working toward her law and journalism degree at Griffith University, Pekeri’s career had already started at Boe Lawyers in Brisbane, where she worked as a paralegal for five years. She then went on to be a Criminal and Civil Law Solicitor at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Victoria, pairing her professional skills with her strong sense of community.

    Her legal training and commitment to her community led to her appointment as General Manager of the North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal and Islanders Housing Co-operative. Highly conscious of housing concerns in her home community, the culmination of her work resulted in her receiving an Atlantic Fellowship for Social in 2019, looking at the relationships between home, design and residing on country, to ultimately reclaim models of Aboriginal home ownership.

    She co-founded the Aboriginal rights newspaper, ‘The Black Rising,’ and associated group, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. She is also a co-founding director of Goompi Projects, established to empower her people on North Stradbroke Island to achieve greatness, whilst recognised local Aboriginal leaders and champions. She remains committed to political, legal and social justice matter in and for her community.

    Pekeri will join the Compassionate Cities panel discussing the concept of care in terms of inclusive design to engage communities left at the edge of our urban culture at QUT Design Week United Nation’s Urban Thinkers Campus day.