Paige Street

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Areas of interest: Fashion, Global Responsibility, Digital Activism, Instagram, Political Consumerism, Feminism and Gendered Solidarity, Ethics and Sustainability

Bachelor of Creative Industries (fashion communication & marketing), QUT

Paige is a research masters student and a sessional academic at QUT in fashion communication. Her research investigates how we understand global responsibility for injustices in the fashion supply chain, and how this responsibility is performed online through digital fashion activism.

Thesis title : Fashioning the revolution: digital fashion activism and the narratives of responsibility

This thesis uses global activist organisation, Fashion Revolution as a case study to examine how global responsibility discourse is narrated and performed on Instagram through practices of digital fashion activism. It specifically investigates how consumers are told to feel and enact their responsibility to the people who make their clothes.

Principal supervisor: Kathleen Horton
Associate Supervisor: Ariadna Matamoros Fernandez

Estimated completion date: August, 2021