Nicole Phillips

    Nicole is a Masters student in the School of Design. Nicole believes how you say something always informs  and enriches what you say. She is an accomplished designer with 17 years experience in the publishing, built environment and fashion industries.  Her working week is split between design consultancy (Nico!eap where she designs and typesets documents with emphasis on clarity, creativity and the effective delivery of information) and her self-initiated research (where she curiously explores typographic and visual ideas as Typograph.Her). She has delivered many guest lectures, conference papers over the last four years and regularly facilitates workshops on publication design, typography, design history, creative practice, visual communication and letterpress.

    Research areas: Typography, Book Design, Reader Experience


    Over the last 17 years in typographic practice, Nicole developed a position which rejects the notion that form should subserviently follow function. She believe neither the content nor the design need be more important than the other – this is a model for co-authorship where a designer creates a symbiotic relationship between text and layout. Still, in its early stages, her practice-led study explores the possibilities of contemporary typography (in a book format) and the role of the designer. The enquiry will result in a framework of principles which demonstrate how designers can support the meaning of a text to enrich the reader experience.