Dr Muge Belek Fialho Teixeira

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Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Digital fabrication and manufacturing, parametric design, transdisciplinary design research, phenomenology of perception, multimodal spaces, pancomputational design strategies

Post-Doc (Queensland University of Technology)
PhD (University of California Santa Barbara, Translab)
MArch, (Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory)
MSc. “Collaborative Design Studio Environments”, (Istanbul Technical University)

BSc. Architecture, (Istanbul Technical University)

Dr Fialho Teixeira’s main research interests are in the areas of Transdisciplinary Design Research, Phenomenology of Perception, Multimodal Spaces and Pancomputational Design Strategies such as Design Robotics and Parametric Design.

She is interested in creating an understanding of our world out of our natural attitude through sensory experiences of space that are created using computational and digital strategies. She constantly looks for ways to expand the body of knowledge through transdisciplinary studies/thinking in design through making. Her understanding on the “world of making” is based on constant experimentation and pushing the boundaries of current discourses through rigorous research. This allow her to explore new techniques and tools when necessary, throughout design processes.

She has worked in several architectural firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd, in London, Istanbul and Brazil.

She has taught in several institutions including AA Visiting Schools, published articles, interviews, and presented in several international conferences and exhibitions. She has also been awarded in multiple competitions and events.