Michael Bromage

    Areas of interest: collaborative city ecosystems, collaboration processes, collaborative technology, systems design and implementation, stories that change cities.

    Michael is a DCI candidate for QUT’s School of Design and the creator and founder of Collaborative City, a better city system designed to help cities adapt to an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. Collaborative City fosters better collaboration between citizens and sectors – government, business, community – and augments the strengths of each city for social, economic, and environmental benefits. 

    A service designer and award-winning content producer, Michael helps people and organisations collaborate, create, innovate, and implement.

    Thesis title: A critical evaluation of the Collaborative City system: A co-design approach between community, business, and government.

    The foundations for Collaborative City have been first implemented in Townsville, North Queensland. This research contribution will rigorously test and contribute to the development of the system to help sectors collaborate better, to help citizens solve emerging problems and create and pursue new opportunities, and to help our cities prosper.

    People who care do projects that matter to make cities better for people and planet

    Thousands of residents who complete projects that matter every month can accumulate to big impact for your city. 

    Principal supervisor: Prof Marcus Foth
    Associate supervisors: Prof Greg Hearn, Prof Kim Osman

    Estimated completion date: November 2024.