Mehrnoosh Mirzaei

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Areas of interest: Design for the real world, interaction design, experience design, child-centered design

Bachelor of Art (Industrial Design)
Master of Art (Industrial Design)

Mehrnoosh is a PhD candidate in the Design Lab at QUT’s School of Design. She is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher, proficient with concept design, detail design and computer-aided design. Working with different companies and industries broaden her perspective on different mass production methods and their impact on the design process. She has been involved in diverse international design projects such as automotive trim parts, kitchenware, electronic products, accessories and toys. In 2017, she won A`Design award for designing the Escher Spatula in the kitchenware category.

In her PhD, she focuses on the novel learning approach with interactive technologies for preparation activities related to natural hazards. Her research focuses on the need for developing a novel approach to disaster risk reduction education (DRR) activities. As a result of global warming, the degree and scale of the disasters have been changing and new climate scenarios need new skills. Providing knowledge for understanding safe behaviours during emergencies is not a sufficient measure to provoke safe behaviour in real hazard situations especially in new climate changes. It means that new disaster scenarios need new skill and should go beyond traditional materials. Embodied interaction enriches the learning experience by making it more dynamic and active, technology-based tools help children to use their sensorimotor skills as cognitive inputs to solve problems. This research aims to investigate the role of embodied interaction in creating children’s active learning experiences about safe behaviour in natural hazards. Developing a learning design framework for disaster risk reduction education based on embodied interaction can be mentioned as a key intended knowledge contribution of this research.

Thesis Title: Interaction design technologies for children to learn safe behaviour in emergency situations

Principal Supervisor: Dr Marianella Chamorro-Koc
Associate Supervisor: Prof Thea Blackler

Estimated completion date: February, 2023