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    Areas of Interest: Open innovation, Healthcare, Advanced manufacturing, Participatory design

    Mathilde is the General Manager of the Herston Biofabrication Institute at Metro North Health, and part-time PhD student in the QUT Design Lab.

    Thesis Title: Integrated point-of-care innovation workflows for 3D healthcare interventions

     Advanced manufacturing technologies hold the potential to establish new contemporary care in public health. Despite continuous technological advances specifically tailored to healthcare applications, there is a gap in their adoption as a seamless part of the patient care continuum. Open innovation is a theoretical framework for the purposeful management of internal and external knowledge flows across the porous boundaries of an organisation. It originates from the business sector and presents an opportunity for government organisations to reach their technology research and development goals while building strategic relationships with stakeholders. This thesis will frame open innovation strategies to facilitate the integration of 3D technologies in the design of solutions for public health. The research will employ a participatory design methodological approach and use qualitative data collection methods. The research will be conducted through two cases at Metro North Health, specifically with the Herston Biofabrication Institute and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit. Lessons learned will inform an open innovation framework to support the adoption of 3D technologies in public hospitals.

    Principle supervisor: A/Prof. Glenda Caldwell
    Associate supervisor: A/Prof. Marianella Chamorro-Koc 

     Estimated completion date: 14 February, 2024