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Areas of interest: Health led intergenerational living and learning models, resilient communities, design & health, affective spatial experience, design & emotion, neuro-architecture, wearable brain imaging, architectural history (Queensland), regional modernism, architectural practice + research, fashion and the interior.

Registered Architect
PhD Candidate (Architecture)
B.Arch Hons (1)

Marissa Lindquist is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architecture (AIA) and Lecturer at the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology.

Marissa is Chief Investigator of Cat 1 NHMRC Grant 2019: An Inter-generational Learning and Living Campus: A New Model for Healthy Senior Living and Integrated School Communities across Urban and Regional Australia.

From 2017-2019 she was co-investigator for the federally funded Innovation Connections Grant Project exploring Fulton Trotter Architects 75+ years of practice, culture & design in Australia. Marissa has practiced in the architectural profession for over 10 years. She was an inaugural member of the Architectural Practice Academy, Brisbane Australia 2005, an innovative model enabling graduates to run their own practice under an experienced practice manager. In 2008 she was awarded the National Dulux Study Tour for emerging architects in Australia through AIA & EmAGN, and forms part of its rich alumni community of 60+ Australian architects. While at QUT, she has formed part of the editorial team for the international IDEA Symposium [2010] entitled Interior Spaces in Other Places Brisbane, Australia, co-directed the QUT Architecture Talk Series at SLQ, 2010, and is recognized for her creative practice through publication within the 2012 Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion. Marissa was awarded a Women in Research Grant QUT, 2017, and is in the final stages of her PhD focusing upon neuro-imaging, architecture + spatial experience.  She has contributed to the profession through award juries, panels, such as the Brisbane International Film Festival and is contributor of the Bloomsbury Fashion Video Archive. Her teaching practice dwells on the margins of interiority, perception and material making.

Marissa has a keen interest in contributing to practice change by exploring the cross over between practice and research, and by strengthening regional and urban communities through new models for Healthy Intergenerational Living and Learning. She is equally interested in exploring the affective dimensions of spatial experience, design learning and creative experience through wearable neuro-imaging technologies.