Assoc Prof Lucio Naccarella

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    Senior Research Fellow, Health Systems and Workforce, Centre for Health Policy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

    A/Prof Lucio Naccarella is a health services researcher and evaluator with a focus on four key areas, including: Building evaluation capability within public sector organisations; Evaluating health workforce models of care and development; Evaluating population health, health literacy and community based professional development initiatives; and Researching health care facility design to optimise the health care workforce.

    You can register for Lucio’s workshop, Optimising Collaborative Workspace Environmental Design using Logic Models, at the QUT Design Week Pre-Symposium Workshops.

    From the Centre for Health Policy at The University of Melbourne, Lucio will speak on the redesign of healthcare workplaces and emergency at the Change by Design Asia-Pacific Symposium.