Luca Ireland

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Areas of interest: mental health literacy

Luca is a psychologist and PhD candidate in the School of Design. She is passionate about making mental health related information more accessible and user friendly.

Thesis title: Collaborative Design of Health Education Materials on Anxiety to Increase Mental Health Literacy

Mental health literacy refers to the knowledge and beliefs about mental health which promote the psychological well-being of self and others. The aim of this project is to design, develop and evaluate a set of visual health communication resources to increase mental health literacy in the community. The research moves away from the current design innovation trends towards digital technology by addressing the important gap of innovation within low-technology environments, the standard context of everyday mental health care and practice.

To ensure the relevance and acceptability of the new educational resources, multiple stakeholders – people from the community, carers and mental health professionals – will be incorporated in the design process through a series of co-creative workshops. Anticipated outcomes are twofold: developing a better understanding of the principles that effectively facilitate the visual communication of invisible mental processes; and designing a tangible set of communication resources that represent the shared worldviews of stakeholders.