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Program Leader - Emerging Technologies

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), BDes (Queensland University of Technology)

Levi Swann (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design within the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology. His research is transdisciplinary, exploring the complex interactions that take place among humans, technology and their broader environments. Current focus areas are the design of health wearables using additive manufacturing, human factors and expertise development in complex systems, and emerging technology forecasting and scenario development across various industry sectors including aviation, agriculture and economics. Levi’s broad design background enables him to apply design-led approaches to explore these complex topics, develop innovative solutions, and outline strategies for preferable futures.

Beyond research, Levi also has experience as a practicing designer. He obtained his Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) from Queensland University of Technology in 2009, and has worked in the fields of Industrial Design, Visual Communication, and Design Strategy. He is technically proficient with concept design, computer-aided design, rapid prototyping, and analogue and digital visualisation. He applies these skills in the teaching area of Industrial Design practice, focusing on design fabrication, product aesthetics and visualisation. This experience positions Levi as an interdisciplinary designer, educator and researcher, with his practice targeted at the nexus of design, science and technology.

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