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Areas of interest: Tangible Media, Embodied and Augmented Interaction, Physicalisation and Participatory Design

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)
Master of Creative Industries (Interactive & Visual Design) (Queensland University of Technology)
Bachelor of Multimedia with Honours (Virtual Reality)

Leo A. Rezayan is a designer, maker, researcher and academic at The QUT Design Lab and the School of Design. He completed his Masters and PhD in the fields of Interactive and Visual Design (IVD) and Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) at the School of Design, Faculty of Creative Industries QUT. Also, Leo has a background in Multimedia Design and Virtual Reality (VR). Prior to the postgraduate study, he obtained a Bachelor of Multimedia with Honours in VR.

Dr Rezyan is currently focusing on the Aerie Project, The Hood Structure: is investigating wellbeing restoration in open-plan workspaces, which often lack privacy and provide limited opportunities for occupants to find spaces for refocusing. Adopting an environmental interaction point of view applied through a transdisciplinary approach, the goal of the project is to develop a design intervention to facilitate office workers’ emotional recovery and wellbeing while in the workplace. This goal is being realised with the design of the “Hood”, a bespoke portable and collapsible structure that occupants can physically enter. Its modular design accommodates a range of multi-sensory interactive technologies aiming to improve and maintain personal well-being in the workplace with minimal loss in working time or productivity.

Mozzie AR Educator. In the 1900’s Dengue fever outbreaks were not uncommon in Queensland and NSW. Government and monitoring efforts are credited with eradication from Brisbane metro last century. However, recent responses to drought conditions have reintroduced rainwater tanks and these, along with limited social awareness of the risks associated with mosquito breeding, pose an imminent threat for our exposure to diseases. This project aims to empower kids to teach their families and communities; we are creating interactive, Augmented Reality (AR) classroom experience that lets school students understand and act on urban mosquito breeding habitats.

‘I’ll be back!’: screen genres as a foundation for engaging young men in help-seeking. The overarching aim of this project is to develop and test with end-users a preliminary framework for engaging young men in help-seeking using principles of genre-based theory typically applied to popular media and mass entertainment into young mental health and help-seeking.

Quarantine Hospital Burrow to Treat Sarcoptic Mange in Bare-Nosed Wombats. This co-design study aims to document and evaluate our new treatment procedure and contextual factors, which is an alternative oral treatment rather than conventional topical treatment. It will trial a purpose-built hospital burrow enclosure to prepare for larger-scale deployment to design the quarantine hospital and provide technical drawing and DIY instructions.