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Areas of interest: Co-design, design methods, communication design, mental health, informal and formal education, nutrition, inclusive design, design thinking, visual communication, co-production

PhD (University of Tech., Sydney)

Dr Jeremy Kerr is the study area coordinator and a lecturer for the Interactive and Visual Design Program, and a design practitioner with over 20 years industry experience. He is also a co-leader of the QUT Design Lab’s Design Education platform.

Jeremy’s research focus lies in the exploration and development of design and design frameworks to advance community capacity building and self-advocacy. His current research includes design-led initiatives in the areas of secondary education, adult learning and mental health and well-being.

Currently Jeremy is a principal researcher on the Autism CRC ‘Knowledge Translation Project’, a national digital resources and learning community initiative. He also leads the ‘Digital Tools in Therapeutic Interventions’ project, a co-design collaboration with psychologists across Australia to innovate changes in practice. His work with secondary schools includes the co-development of the ISHS Innovation Hub, a school-wide initiative based on design-led transformation of the educational sector.

Jeremy has also recently collaborated with the Red Cross on national sustainability initiatives and worked across India on co-design projects with Beyond Borders, and organisations such as Sadhana and Shikshangram.

He currently supervises postgraduate students in areas including design-led education, digital narrative design and emerging digital media.