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Areas of interest: Game Design, Ontological Design, Spatial Practices and Mapping, Visual and Interactive Narratives, Criticality in Design, Animal InteractionDesign (AXD / ACI)

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), M.A. (University of East Anglia), PGCE / Diploma (Victoria University of Manchester), BA(Hons) (University of Sussex)

Jane’s research and practice explores game design, and the game engines that underly production, as cultural objects.
Jane was involved in the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID) Indigenous game world project Digital Songlines.
She has been exploring cultural geographies of the imagination via use of high-end game engines in projects such as:

In the following projects, Jane explores the autocracy of software and potential participatory options to exploit the spatial metaphors of game worlds to re-connect digital story telling to place.

Recent projects continue exploration of cultural geographies of the imagination and ontological design – the power of design to tell stories.

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With an emphasis on community growth and engagement, Jane (truna) Turner has aided the local games industry as part of IGDA since 2004 through the Game On program.

GameOn is a series of exhibitions, events, talks and workshop opportunities that Jane worked closely with the QUT Creative Industries Precincts to establish. Jane and the GameOn programs team are also responsible for the:

  • Gaming the Narrative: Authoring Emergence by Designing for Authority, Audience Agency, and Uncertainty in Theatre and Play
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Associate Professor Sandra Gattenhof