Jane Carthey

    Jane Carthey is a PhD candidate in the School of Design. Her background is health architecture and she is currently employed with a major international architectural company (HDR Rice Daubney) in Sydney where she works on major health projects such as the $1B Westmead Hospital Redevelopment. From 2002-2011 she worked at UNSW as Program Manager for the development of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines and as Director of the Centre for Health Assets Australasia (CHAA). She has been a CI on two major ARC grants – including an ARC Linkage that looked at the impact of climate change on Australian and NZ health facilities.  She has published extensively and continues to review for several peer-reviewed journals.

    Research areas: Health facility design, Post occupancy evaluation, Design processes, Development and use of health facility design guidelines, Climate change and health facilities


    This research is exploring the history, role and effectiveness of user group consultation as part of the design process for healthcare facilities in Australia and New Zealand, and investigating whether the user group process could be improved.  It will begin by identifying evidence for how the user group process contributes to the production of high quality healthcare facilities, and the overall success of this type of design project. It will then examine how, in the user group setting, people from diverse professional backgrounds work collaboratively with healthcare architects to design a healthcare facility. It will investigate how this process can be made more effective to improve the experience for participants and the design outcomes for a healthcare facility.  The first project to be conducted in 2017 is designated as an investigation of the role of interdisciplinary user groups and their impact on the collaborative design process for healthcare facilities.