Hira Sheikh

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Areas of interest: More-than-Human and Multispecies Studies Smart Urban Governance Foresight Studies

Research Masters in Media, Art, and Performance Studies
Bachelors in Architecture and Design

Hira Sheikh is an architect, artist-curator, and scholar. She is a doctoral researcher with the Design Lab and Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology. With a background in Architectural Design, she holds Research Masters in Media, Art, and Performance Studies from Utrecht University. She worked as an urban planning consultant at The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Sheikh’s research is situated in the interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities. Her scholarly work focuses on urban, digital, and political issues to explore justice for other species. Her work has been published in Regional Studies and Routledge Handbook of Digital Environmental Humanities. Her artistic and curatorial practice explores entangled relationships between humans and other species. Her collaborative work has been exhibited by; Queensland University of Technology (Smart Urban Governance for More-than-Human Futures, 2022), IN x The Old Lock Up (Bee_rilise, 2022), and Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery (REFRACTus, 2020).