Hira Sheikh

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Areas of interest: Speculative urban landscapes; posthuman design aesthetics; environmental humanities; data-driven urban interfaces; media architecture; digital storytelling

Hira Sheikh is an architect and an urban design theorist focusing on the ecological conception of automation and algorithmic intelligence in urban design futures. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate with the Urban Informatics Group at the QUT Design Lab and with the QUT Digital Media Research Centre.

She received her Research Masters in Media, Art and Performance Studies from Utrecht University. Her research focuses on the intersections in the fields of media architecture, algorithmic governance, environmental humanities and post-human design. She has worked professionally as an urban planning consultant with United Nations Development Programme, as a practicing architect and as a teaching assistant at the School Of Art Design And Architecture at the National University of Science and Technology.

Principal supervisor: Professor Marcus Foth
Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Peta Mitchell