HDR Supervisors

HDR Supervisors

The below list includes QUT Design Lab academics who are actively seeking HDR Students to supervise in 2020. For a full list of Design Lab academics see our people page. Check to see if you are eligible for a Scholarship on the 2020 Design Lab Scholarship Round page.


  • Prof Thea Blackler

    Areas of interest: Industrial Design, Intuitive Interaction, Older People, Dementia, Design for the natural world, Disability

    Professor Thea Blackler received her PhD in 2006. Research interests: the intuitive usability of products designing out disadvantage designing for the natural world Professor Alethea Blackler is Discipline Leader for the Experiential Disciplines within the School of Design and was previously the Associate Director of the QUT Design Lab. She...

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  • Dr Simone Brott

    Areas of interest: Architecture, Cities, Urbanism, History, Theory, Politics, Finance, Critique

    Simone Brott is an architect, writer and critic, and Coordinator of Architectural Design at Queensland University of Technology. She has a Masters of Architecture from Yale University and PhD in Architecture from The University of Melbourne. Her books include Architecture for a Free Subjectivity: Deleuze and Guattari at the Horizon...

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  • Dr Lindy Osborne Burton

    Areas of interest: Architecture Education, Architecture Practice, Learning Environment Design, Healthcare Design, Psychological Design, Salutogenic Design, Biophilic Design, Handmade Artists’ Books

    Originally educated in South Africa, Lindy moved to Australia in 1996 where she commenced working as an Architect, at Cox Rayner Architects in Brisbane. During her twelve years of practice, and working as a Queensland Registered Architect since 2000, she received 14 professional awards in addition to her work being...

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  • Dr Glenda Caldwell

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Media Architecture, Urban Informatics

    Dr Glenda Amayo Caldwell is a senior lecturer in Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research focuses on the effect technology has on the experience of the city, exploring how opportunities for social interaction can occur within the digital and physical layers of the urban environment. Of particular...

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  • Dr Marianella Chamorro-Koc

    Areas of interest: Disability, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Qualitative Methods, Service Design

    Currently seeking PhD applications across the area of experience design, experiential knowledge, designing with technology for health and designing with technology for empathy building. Learn more about Designing for Technology for Empathy building, and information of how to apply to a PhD at QUT here. Marianella Chamorro-Koc BA (PUCP, Peru),...

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  • Assoc Prof Philip Crowther

    Areas of interest: Architectural Technology, Reuse and Recycling, Urban Morphology, Design Education

    Dr. Philip Crowther is an Associate Professor in Architecture in the School of Design at Queensland University of Technology. Philip’s research focuses on design for disassembly in an architectural context. He has studied the life cycle of buildings and the sustainable reuse of building materials, and the recovery of embodied...

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  • Assoc Prof Debra Cushing

    Areas of interest: Landscapes for health and wellbeing, Children and nature, Park design, Playable urban design, Artful placemaking

    Dr. Cushing’s research combines her interest in healthy and supportive environments for children and youth with her understanding of effective community participation, creating sustainable and vibrant environments, and theory related to environmental psychology and placemaking. Her current research areas include: children and youth participation in community design and planning to...

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  • Dr Jared Donovan

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Collaborative and Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Tangible and Embodied Interaction, Digital Fabrication, Collaborative Design, Participatory Design

    Dr Jared Donovan is a Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design in the School of Design at the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. He has an educational background in Illustration and Information Technology. His main research interests are in the areas of Gestural and Embodied Interaction, Participatory Design, Design...

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  • Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis

    Areas of interest: Fashion and Cultural Studies, Sustainability, Supply Chains, Wool, Design History

    Background Tiziana has worked in Milan across many fields of the creative industries, from advertising, production manager at Vogue Italy in Milan and as a freelance writer. She holds  a PhD from Griffith University on the New Italian Cinema, completed at Griffith University. Tiziana has taught for several years in...

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  • Dr Muge Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira

    Areas of interest: Digital fabrication and manufacturing, Transdisciplinary Design Research, Phenomenology of Perception, Multimodal Spaces and Pancomputational Design Strategies

    Muge Belek is a Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Interior Architecture and founder of [f]-FLAT. She holds a BSc. in Architecture, a MSc. on “Collaborative Design Studio Environments” from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and MArch from Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory. She has worked in...

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  • Prof Marcus Foth

    Areas of interest: Urban Informatics, Smart Cities, Media Architecture, Sustainability, More-than-Human, Data Ethics, Urban Policy Reform

    Marcus Foth is Professor of Urban Informatics in the QUT Design Lab, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. He is also an Honorary Professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University, Denmark. Professor Foth’s research brings together people, place, and technology. His transdisciplinary work is at the...

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  • Dr Veronica Garcia Hansen

    Areas of interests: Lighting and daylighting, comfort (visual and thermal), health and well-being, resilient architecture, passive solar architecture, building performance (prediction, simulation, visualization and post occupancy evaluations), design for older adults

    Dr. Garcia-Hansen is an active researcher in the area of Lighting Design in Buildings, specializing in the design of daylighting devices, façade design, energy efficiency, evaluation of the luminous environment, lighting modeling, and lighting effects on health and wellbeing. Dr. Garcia-Hansen’s PhD thesis established her research significance to this field...

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  • Dr Rafael Gomez

    Areas of interest: Design and Emotion, Experience Design, Wearable Technology, Medical Health Wearables, Qualitative Methods, Longitudinal Methods

    Currently seeking PhD applications across experience design, design and emotion, wearable tech for design and health, and design with technology for empathy. Learn more around the project for Design with Technology for Empathy. Apply for QUT scholarships. Dr Gomez is currently Subject Area Coordinator for Industrial Design. He is co-leader...

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  • Dr Mirko Guaralda

    Areas of interest: Urban Design, Public Space, Community Engagement, Creative Methods, Placemaking

    Background Dr Mirko Guaralda is Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology; his background includes experience in architectural design, landscape architecture and urban design. Before joining academia full time, Mirko has been working in industry and local government; he has been involved in a wide range of...

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  • Dr Nick Kelly

    Areas of interest: Cognition of Creativity, Design Education, Online Communities, Design Cognition, Computational Creativity

    Dr Nick Kelly is a Lecturer in Interaction Design at the Queensland University of Technology, in the School of Design. His research interests are focussed upon understanding design cognition and applying the findings to secondary education. His research also encompasses the design of online communities of teachers, and the underlying...

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  • Dr Jeremy Kerr

    Areas of interest: Co-Design, Education, Visual Communication, Design Thinking, Communication Design

    Dr Jeremy Kerr is the study area coordinator and a lecturer for the Interactive and Visual Design Program, and a design practitioner with over 20 years industry experience. He is also a co-leader of the QUT Design Lab’s Design Education platform. Jeremy’s research focus lies in the exploration and development...

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  • Dr Valeri Natanelov

    Areas of interest: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Agriculture and Food Systems, Policy, Supply Chains, Commodities, Futures and Options

    Dr Valeri Natanelov is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the BeefLedger research team in the QUT Design Lab, School of Design in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His education includes: a Bachelor of Bioscience Engineering: Cell- and Gene Biotechnology,  2007 (Antwerp University, Belgium); a Master...

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  • Dr David Nielsen

    Areas of interest: History, Expressionism, Modernity, Industrialisation, Botanic Glasshouses, Building Information Modelling

    David joined QUT at the beginning of 2007 working in the research area of Building Information Modelling under the direction of Professors’ John Fraser and Robin Drogemuller. His architectural education includes a B-Arch, a research Masters and a PhD. His previous experience in architectural education was primarily within the School...

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  • Assoc Prof Alice Payne

    Areas of interest: Sustainability, Fashion Design Process, Waste, Ethics

    Dr Alice Payne is an Associate Professor in Fashion in the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology. Her research centres on environmental and social sustainability concerns throughout textile and apparel industry supply chains. Alice has examined perspectives on sustainability along the cotton value chain, the cultural and material flows...

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  • Dr Vaughn Pinxit

    Areas of interest: Interdisciplinary Practice, Transdisciplinary strategies, Practice-led Research, Tangible Media and Electronic Art, Sound Art, Interactive Installations, Design Methods and Theory, Art Theory, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Kinetic Sculpture, Zen & Engaged Buddhism, Vipassana Meditation, Rigpa Tibetan Meditation, Stillness

    Dr Vaughn Pinxit is a Lecturer in Interaction Design in the School of Design at the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. Vaughn recently qualified as a Fellow of the internationally recognised Higher Education Academy (FHEA, UK), through completion of the Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (QUT). His approach...

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  • Assoc Prof Markus Rittenbruch

    Areas of interest: User Experience Design, Collaborative and Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Data Visualisation, Augmented & Mixed Reality, Tangible Interaction, Urban Informatics

    Dr Markus Rittenbruch is an Associate Professor in Interaction Design at the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty. He actively contributes to the QUT Design Lab, where he leads the Design and Technologies of Tomorrow program. He is a member of QUT’s Institute for Future Environments (IFE) and contributes to the Embracing the Digital Age leadership team....

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  • Prof Paul Sanders

    Areas of interest: Urban Morphology, Architectural Design, Urban Design

    Background Professor Sanders is Discipline Leader of Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture in the School of Design at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. He has been an academic since 1998 and has been published in international journals in the fields of architecture and urban design. Paul established his expertise...

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  • Dr Yasuhiro Santo

    Areas of interest: Adaptable Environment, Research through, DIY, Interactive Systems

    Yasu Santo  is a maker, fabricator and tinkerer in both analog and digital domains. His current research focuses on designing architectural systems to allow occupant-led (DIY) facilities management and democratic use of office environments. His preferred method of research is by speculating possible solutions and test them by designing and...

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  • Dr Jen Seevinck

    Areas of interest: Practice Led Research, Augmented Reality, data visualisation, interaction design, interactive art, science communication, environmental health

    Jen Seevinck is a practitioner, researcher and Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design and Visual Communication, working in the field since 1993. Interests include interactive experience, visualisation, science communication and art, drawing on applications and concepts around health,  hybrid place, environment and emergence. Jen is active as both a creative design...

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  • Dr Levi Swann

    Areas of Interest: Expertise and Decision Making, Human Factors, Ergonomics, Emerging Design Technology, Technology Forecasting, Design Aesthetics

    Levi Swann (PhD) is a Lecturer in Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology. His PhD research investigated the interactions of airport security screeners, with a particular focus on understanding the role of intuitive expertise in complex interactive tasks. Levi’s current research expands on this work, and will contribute to the...

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  • Dr Manuela Taboada

    Areas of interest: Sustainability, Visual Communication, Identity, Women Empowerment, Pacific, Collaborative Methods

    Manuela Taboada, PhD, has over 15 years experience in visual communication design, branding, identity and social design. She has worked professionally as a lecturer, designer and researcher in Australia, Brazi, East-Timor and Fiji. Manuela has a PhD from the University of New England (Australia), and degrees in Industrial Design /...

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  • Assoc Prof Verena Thomas

    Areas of interest: Arts-based Research, Action Research, Cross-cultural Research, International Development, Communication for Development

    Verena Thomas is Senior Research Fellow in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. She holds a PhD in Communication from the University of Technology Sydney. Her research interests include communication and social change, communication for development, health communication, arts-based research approaches, visual methodologies and...

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  • Dr Jane Turner

    Areas of interest: Game Design, Ontological Design, Spatial Practices and Mapping, Visual and Interactive Narratives, Criticality in Design, Animal InteractionDesign (AXD / ACI)

    Research Jane’s research and practice explores game design, and the game engines and systems that underlay production, as cultural objects. Projects Jane was involved in the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID) Indigenous game world project Digital Songlines. She has been exploring cultural geographies of the imagination via use of high-end...

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  • Dr Ian Weir

    Areas of interest: Design Led Research, Bushfire Responsiveness Architecture, Natural Disaster Resilience, Landscape Representation, Architectural Design, Learning Environments

    Bushfire Architecture Research Ian is a research architect (consulting) with QUT and a registered practicing architect specialising in designing for bushfire prone, biodiverse landscapes. Ian’s building designs have been featured on special episodes of ABC Television’s ‘The New Inventors’ and SBS ‘Insight’. In 2012 Ian was selected by the Australian...

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  • Dr Penny Wild

    Areas of interest: Interior design/architecture, interior design practice, building information modelling, interior design education

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  • Dr Natalie Wright

    Areas of interest: Design Thinking, Design Education, STEM, Secondary Schools, Design Methods, 21st Century Education, Learning Environments, Informal Learning

    Natalie is a Senior Lecturer and QUT Design Lab Design Education Program Leader in the QUT Faculty of Creative Industries, School of Design. From 2014-2016 she was Manager of the Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL) at the State Library of Queensland. She has 18 years Interior Design commercial practice experience gained...

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Questions relating to admissions and scholarship applications should be directed to Creative Industries Postgraduate Research Team via ci.hdr@qut.edu.au or by phone: (07) 3138 3799.

Questions relating to Design Lab research opportunities, or for support in finding the right supervisor please contact Dr Veronica Garcia Hansen, our Higher Research Degree Training Coordinator.