HDR Supervisors

Finding the right supervisor

As a higher degree research student, you will be specialising in your chosen field. Finding the right person to guide you along the way is important.

Design Lab Director, Associate Professor Evonne Miller has created a guide on how to get a rock star supervisor.

Prior to contacting your potential supervisor, or the Design Lab’s HDR Coordinator, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you meet the Entry Requirements
  2. Check to see if you are eligible for a Scholarship.
  3. Identify a supervisor:
    • All higher degree research candidates require a supervisor; before you submit your formal application, you need to actively search for potential supervisors in your chosen field.
    • The below list outlines the areas of interest and potential research projects that are available through the Design Lab.
  4. Contact your prospective supervisor:
    • As an applicant, we request that you first email your potential supervisor to discuss your project idea and inquire about their capacity and interest in supervising your project.
    • You must obtain their approval to list their name as a supervisor on your HDR admission application.
  5. We recommend that you send your CV, a two page draft research proposal, and an overview of your interests and previous research experience. 
  6. Commence your applications process:
    • After completing steps 1-4 you are ready to formally submit your application to be considered for admissions.
    • The regular deadline is September 30 each year.
    • Download this template to assist your application process: QUT Design Lab Research Proposal Template 2018

HDR Supervisors

The below list includes QUT Design Lab academics who are actively seeking HDR Students to supervise in 2019. For a full list of Design Lab academics see our people page.

Professor Thea Blackler
Primary Discipline: Industrial Design
Areas of interest: Industrial Design, Intuitive Interaction, Older People, Dementia, Design for the natural world, Disability



Professor Marcus Foth FACS

Professor Marcus Foth
Primary Discipline: Interaction Design
Areas of interest: Urban Informatics, Smart Cities, Media Architecture, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Algorithmic Culture, Data Ethics, Urban Policy Reform



Professor Paul Sanders
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Urban Morphology, Architectural Design, Urban Design



Associate Professor Debra Cushing
Primary Discipline: Landscape Design
Areas of interest: Children, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Healthy Environments, Park Design



Associate Professor Markus Rittenbruch
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Collaborative Robotics, Data Visualisation, Tangible Interaction, Urban Informatics



Dr Simone Brott
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Architecture, Cities, Urbanism, History, Theory, Politics, Finance, Critique



Dr Lindy Burton
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Architecture Education, Architecture Practice, Learning Environments, Healthcare Design, Psychological Design



Dr Glenda Caldwell
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Media Architecture, Urban Informatics



Dr Marianella Chomorro-Koc
Primary Discipline: Industrial Design
Areas of interest: Disability, Digital Health, Medical Devices, Qualitative Methods, Service Design



Dr Jennifer Craik
Primary Discipline: Fashion
Areas of interest: Fashion Theory, Australian Fashion, Asian Fashion, Fashion and Culture, Indigenous Fashion



Dr Tiziana Ferrero-Regis
Primary Discipline: Fashion
Areas of interest: Fashion and Cultural Studies, Sustainability, Supply Chains, Wool, Design History



Dr Mirko Guaralda
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Urban Design, Public Space, Community Engagement, Creative Methods, Placemaking



Dr Jeremy Kerr
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Co-Design, Education, Visual Communication, Design Thinking, Communication Design,



Dr David Nielson
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: History, Expressionism, Modernity, Industrialisation, Botanic Glasshouses, Building Information Modelling



Dr Alice Payne
Primary Discipline: Fashion
Areas of interest: Sustainability, Fashion Design Process, Waste, Ethics



Dr Deb Polson
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Data Simulation, Mixed Reality, Immersion, Interaction, Speculative Design



Dr Yasuhiro Santo
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Adaptable Environment, Research through, DIY, Interactive Systems



Dr Jennifer Seevinck
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Practice Led Research, Interdisciplinary Design, Transdisciplinary Design, Design Methods, Art and Design



Dr Manuela Taboada
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Sustainability, Visual Communication, Identity, Women Empowerment, Pacific, Collaborative Methods



Dr Verena Thomas
Primary Discipline: Communication and Social Change
Areas of interest: Arts-based Research, Action Research, Cross-cultural Research, International Development, Communication for Development



Dr Jane Turner
Primary Discipline: Interactive and Visual Design
Areas of interest: Game Design, Ontological Design, Spatial Practices and Mapping, Visual and Interactive Narratives, Criticality in Design, Animal InteractionDesign (AXD / ACI)


Dr Ian Weir
Primary Discipline: Architecture
Areas of interest: Design Led Research, Bushfire Responsiveness Architecture, Natural Disaster Resilience, Landscape Representation, Architectural Design, Learning Environments


Dr Natalie Wright
Primary Discipline: Interior Design
Areas of interest: Design Thinking, Education, Secondary Schools, Design Methods, 21st Century Education, Learning Environments



Questions relating to admissions and scholarship applications should be directed to Creative Industries Higher Research Degree Team via  ci.hdr@qut.edu.au or by phone: 3138 8114. 

Questions relating to Design Lab research opportunities, or for support in finding the right supervisor please contact Associate Professor Debra Cushing, our Higher Research Degree Training Coordinator.