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    • MSc. Real Estate In National University of Singapore, Singapore.
    • Bachelor in Architecture Engineering (ST) from Institut Teknologi Bandung/ Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.
    • Associate Certified Architect (Anggota Madya) of the Indonesian Architect Association (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia)

    Gunawan is pursuing a PhD, in the School of Design, Faculty of Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology with full support of the Australian Award Scholarship Award. His research topic is related to Inclusive Design or Universal Design in Libraries for Persons with Disabilities. He is focusing on Case Study Research of Libraries in Belgium, Australia and Indonesia.

    About Gunawan

    Gunawan Tanuwidjaja is a Lecturer at Petra Christian University, Architecture Program in Indonesia. He has taught Inclusive Design with Service – Learning Methods involving Persons with Disabilities, since 2013(

    His course is always in collaboration with international partners such as UBCHEA, JICA and UN-Habitat.

    Several Service Learning programs executed are:

    • The soundscape of Visually Impaired Persons for Urban Park Improvement in Surabaya (with UBCHEA, Aug 2017 – July 2018)
    • Improving Accessibility of All Users in Petra Christian University Library (with UBCHEA, Aug 2016 – July 2017)
    • UN-Habitat Prepcom 3 Parallel event with the title of Seminar and Field Visit: Inclusive Building and Urban Parks in Surabaya (in collaboration with UN-Habitat, Ministry of Public Works and the Public Housing Republic of Indonesia, Surabaya Municipality and Petra Christian University, July 2016,
    • Service Learning of Inclusive Design for Homes and Schools in Surabaya and Bandung, Participatory Design and Campaign (with UBCHEA, Aug 2015 – July 2016,
    • Data collection survey on disability and development in Indonesia collaborating with Japan International Cooperation Agency (with JICA, June 2015 – Sept 2015
    • UNDK Mini Project with the title of “Portraying The Toileting Culture of Surabaya People: People’s Perception and Toilet Design Diversity, (in collaboration with UNDK Indonesia and UBCHEA, May 2013 – December 2013,
    • Service-Learning Inclusive Design with Persons with Visual Disabilities in Special School Surabaya (Independent project, August 2012 – July 2013)

    Gunawan has been actively involved in community empowerment with marginalised populations, such as the Surabaya’s Riverside Villages (Kampung) Residents’ Association (Paguyuban Warga Strenkali Surabaya/ PWSS) in Surabaya. He has conducted community empowerment in video production, participatory toilet design and a healthy toileting campaign in the urban villages.

    Related to his Master’s degree, he has coordinated many planning experiences in JURONG International Urban Planning Division in 2006-2008. He was also involved in many ‘green’ and conventional urban planning, industrial planning, and urban design projects in Qatar, Indonesia, China, India and Vietnam. The Jurong International Pte Ltd is currently merged under the Surbana – Jurong Pte Ltd (

    He also manages Green Impact Indonesia Studio providing social empowerment and planning consultancy to the Directorate General of Spatial Planning of Indonesia, Research Institute of Water Resources Indonesia, Seribu Island Planning Agency in Jakarta Province, Real Estate Developer, Local Community of Jakarta, Kediri, etc. Further information is provided in